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Our Story

Expressorigen was launched to provide pleasurable blends to coffee enthusiasts to live their best moments.

Our inspiration is based on not just providing a cup of coffee but a rich, bold essence of flavors to keep our consumers enlightened throughout the day.

Who we are?

Expressorigen is premium-built coffee pods to retain the intense taste for a pleasurable experience.

We share an incredible journey from coffee beans collection to roasting, grinding, and packaging in premium pods to bring happiness to your life.

Our coffee experts revealed the mystery behind the best coffee aroma to savor your senses.

We, at Expressorigen, strive to achieve perfection at every step thereby storing coffee in capsules. We pack it in plastic pods which are best to retain the texture, aroma, and flavor of coffee because our consumers deserve the best.

We aim to protect nature, so our reusable pods are friendly and add nothing new to the environment.